Tuesday, October 21, 2014

SPM Seminar 2014

Location of Counter : FOYER, Sunway University ( Near Security Office & Counselling Office)

Due to demand, NEW GROUP 19 OCT 2014, BM 9.30am - 1pm, Sejarah 2.30pm-6pm is available. KINDLY CALL/SMS 016-6512030 ( For info )

Having SPM Exams soon in November 2014? Need Last minute revision course & guidance? Join Us Now for 2014 SPM Seminar! 

At Sunway University, Bandar Sunway. 5 Sundays (5 Oct - 2 Nov). 9.30am-6pm. Cover all major subjects. 

"2013, we successfully achieve overall 98% passing rate and 63% A+,A,A-. "

We have Over 12 Years Experience in helping students to release their full potential.

Guarantee Results Improvement (Min. 2 Grades Improvement ) & 100% Proven Track Record!

Enhanced with:-
-Secret Scoring Technique in BM; English Essay
-Special Strategy in choosing the right optional Question to A+ score
-Reveal SPM Marker's requirement & Marking Scheme.
-SPM Exam Question Tips with A+ Answers
-Reveal Common Traps in SPM Questions
-Reveal Student's Common Mistake in SPM

Total of : 35 Seminar Hours!

Sign Up Now ! Limited to 400 Pax Only! 70% Sold out in first 3 days.

Fees & Venue please refer the link below.

Venue : Sunway University, Bandar Sunway ( Click For GMAP Link)

Timetable:GROUP 1 (LIMITED TO 100 PAX)

5 Oct 2014  :
9.30am - 1pm SEJARAH
2.30pm - 6pm MATHS
12th Oct :
9.30am - 1pm 
2.30pm - 6pm BIOLOGY / SCIENCE
19th Oct :
9.30am - 1pm 
2.30pm - 6pm PHYSICS
25 Oct :
9.30am - 1pm BM
2.30pm - 6pm ENGLISH26th Oct :
9.30am - 1pm 
2.30pm - 6pm ACCOUNTS**************************************************
5 Oct 2014  :
9.30am - 1pm BM
2.30pm - 6pm ENGLISH
12th Oct :
9.30am - 1pm ADD MATHS
2.30pm - 6pm ACCOUNTS
19th Oct :
9.30am - 1pm 
2.30pm - 6pm BIOLOGY / SCIENCE
25th Oct:
9.30am - 1pm SEJARAH
2.30pm - 6pm 
26th Oct :
9.30am - 1pm CHEMISTRY
2.30pm - 6pm PHYSICS


Transport Available ! 

Gather Point : Gasing / USJ 9 / PJ Old town TTC Branches.

Time : 8.30am
Departure : 8.45am

Gather Point after event : Sunway University Foyer Counter
Time : 6pm
Departure : 6.15pm

Transport from USJ / Gasing/ Old Town to Sunway University : RM 5 / Round Trip.

1. Registration form can be obtained from TTC branches.
2. Phone Call and follow Bank in instruction to Contact Person Private Account, the person in charge will sign up for you and your friends, then with in 3 days you can contact centre to verify your application. Any dispute can contact 0166512030

*The above Timetable is Subject to change, without prior notification.

* Registration via TTC branches
PJ, Gasing Branch : 111A, 113A & 119A, Jln Gasing, 46000 PJ  TEL : 03-58795049
PJ, Othman : No.94 A & B, Jln Othman, 46000 PJ 
Subang Jaya, USJ 9 : No.51, Jln USJ 9/5S, 47620 Subang Jaya         TEL : 03-58796555
Subang Jaya, SS19 : No.61, 1st Floor, Jln SS19/6, 47500 Subang Jaya

TTC GASING HQ Registration Available
TTC USJ 9 Registration Available
Sunway University, Bandar Sunway Event Venue


Any further enquiries, CALL
017-381 7670 ( Lim / LJ)
012-627 8665 ( Aaron )
012-6868228 ( Lim )
012-8866787 ( Koh )
016-6512030 (Lim/ U Hang)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

2014 Pre-Form 4 Express Class Time Table

Highly effective in preparing you to get a head start for form 4 syllabus and improve significantly for first term exam.
Results Comparisons Between Students with fully holiday set out and with TTC Pre Form 4 Program.

Subject Available :
Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Additional Maths, Maths, BM, English and Sejarah.

Fees Charges :- 

F.O.C for month of October. + NOV week 1
Fees For November

SIGN UP NOW ! 017-3817670/012-6868228/012-8866787/016-6512030

Timetable for 2 weeks.

Timetable for NOV and DEC 2014



Timetable  for 27 OCT - 16 NOV 2014 ( refer to regular timetable)


Timetable STARTING ON 17 NOV 2014 - 20 DEC 2014 







Thursday, June 26, 2014

TTC 2014 Timetable

Need help or guidance for your upcoming UPSR/PBSMR/SPM 2014? Sign up for TTC Tuition Classes for Maximum Improvement !

Happy New Year 2014 !!

Greetings from TTC and wish every reader have a prosperous year ahead! The following are the timetable for Jalan Gasing, PJ Old Town, USJ 9 & SS19. Primary School Tuition is only available in USJ 9 and SS19 branch while Secondary School Tuition will be available in Jalan Gasing HQ, PJ Old Town and USJ 9.

Primary School Tuition (SJKC Only)
USJ 9 ( STANDARD 1 - 6)

SS19 ( STANDARD 1 - 3 )

Secondary School Tuition


Form 1


PJ Oldtown 


Form 2

PJ Oldtown 


Form 3                

 PJ Oldtown


Form 4

Form 5

PJ Oldtown 



TUITION FEES ( Primary / Secondary School )

Please call 012-6868228(Lim)/0128866787(Koh)/
016-6512030 ( Lim ) for further information.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

FAQ - Frequent Asked Question 2014 Version 1.1

FAQ - Fees, Class, Tutor, Transport, Student Progress
 ( Please Leave A Comment if you other questions )


How many students in a class?
Class designed allows a maximum accommodation of 15 students per primary school class and 18 students per secondary school class. Our tutor is multiple seminar speaker that easily can handle over 80 - 200 students crowd and still deliver a powerful and meaningful presentation. 

How many classes in a week for a subject?
Each subject – one class weekly.

Why is there a student limit for each class?
This is to ensure that our tutor would be able to take care of every student in the class.

What if the class that I want reaches the student limit?
Once the class reaches the limit, our system would be unable to register additional students for the class. We do suggest that you choose another class. However, in the meantime, you can register your interest for the class you want. If and when the class is available in future, we will inform you.

What is “Tutorial-Class”?
It’s a class designed to give extra practices for students to better cope with the current tuition class syllabus. Designed for students who want more practices and guidance. The class will be conducted by junior tutors and it’s closely monitored by our Professional Tutor. The classes will be carried out bi-weekly.

Can students come for more than 1 class?
Yes. Subject to availability of the class and an extra charge of RM 10/Class.

Is the class still on during public holiday?
Yes. Except major holidays such as Hari Raya, CNY, Deepavali and New Year day. (TTC is closed)(Notice will be given.)

Is the timetable constant throughout the year?
Yes. Minor changes might occur. Sufficient notice will be given. (SMS, Classroom, Front desk, Main door entrance, Tutors announcement in class and website (Blogspot.com). ) 

What to do if my child is going to be absent?
He/She can temporarily replace that week’s class in other alternative classes. Same syllabus throughout the week.

 (E.g : I can’t attend Monday class, I can temporarily attend Saturday class for replacement. )

Why there is two color in your timetable?
Red color will be classes conducted in English and Black color will be classes conducted in Mandarin. Our centre mainly offer classes conducted in English & Mandarin cater for students' needs.

Students Progress

How you evaluate students’ progress?
TTC will have End Class Test and Progress Test to evaluate students accordingly. TTC Internal Exam is held 2 times annually.

Does TTC provide any homework for students?
Depending on each subject tutor. Certain subjects will require homework for knowledge fortification.

What if my child misses the Internal Exam?
She/he will be required to retake the exam.

Will parents receive notification/information of tests results?
Yes. Parents would either receive a postal / SMS notification of children’s results.

Can I check my children’s attendance?
You can check attendance via internet. The service will be available within two weeks after you register your children. You will receive an SMS with username and password. You will need to subscribe for this service. This service will be free for the year 2013.

How can I know my children progress?
You can view their end class test results and internal exam results online as per the attendance report.
You will need to subscribe for access to the service. This service is free for the year 2013


What are your tutor qualifications?
Differs depending on tutor. Diploma, Bachelors and Masters is common qualification possessed by tutors in TTC.

Does your tutor have experience in educating students?
Professional tutors will have 4-10 years experience. Experienced in giving seminars and exam techniques all for 10-15 secondary schools students. Each seminar ranging students number 80-200. Highly experienced, packed with leadership quality plus very influential.

What is a professional tutor?
They are experienced tutors with years of PMR and SPM seminar speaker experience.
They are different because :
a) Strong prediction for PMR and SPM. Proven track record.
b) Mastered the latest marking scheme
C) Deliver presentations using sophisticated crystal clear methods without causing confusion 
d) Established knowledge over popular topics which helps students to focus
e) Unique techniques for scoring in exam, enable students to deliver outstanding answer 
f) Highly aware of student's common mistake in exams.

Passionate Tutors?

They are dedicated and responsible. They teach with heart and highly dependable as a class leader. Although they are highly skilled & influential, they humble and act modestly  towards helping juniors to achieve their goals in life.


What other charges would I need to pay before starting class?
For new students, you must pay tuition fees, registration fees (RM 20) and Deposit (RM50) (Refundable) before entering class

If my children newly join TTC at the middle of the month, do I need to pay for full months fees? 
No. For new students registration, fees will be pro-rate into weeks. If children coming in for 2 weeks, just need to pay half a month tuition fees. Current month notes and material will be additional printed for your children with no extra charge. ( 1 month = 4 weeks )

Do I have to pay extra for notes, practices and printed materials? 
No. The monthly tuition fee is inclusive of notes & printed materials. If there are special requests from students for previous month’s notes or replacement of missing notes, charges may be levied upon students (RM15 per month per subject)

When to pay the monthly tuition fees?
During first two weeks of each TTC Calendar month.

What if my children miss tuition classes, can they refund partial tuition fees?
No. Notes and class allocated is on a monthly basis. No partial/pro-rate refund is allowed under any circumstances.

Can I pay using credit card? 
No. You can either make payment in cash or cheque to “ PUSAT TUISYEN TUTOR TUTOR CEMERLANG”.

Can my children continue attending class if I didn’t pay on time? 
No. Your children will be barred from entering class from the 3rd week of each TTC Calendar month if he/she fails to pay on time. A RM10 administration charge will be imposed on tuition fees paid after the 2nd week of each TTC Calendar month.

How can I refund deposit if I stopped permanently/graduate form 5? 
You can submit a deposit refund form and must attach with original deposit payment receipt. Allow us 7-14 days of processing. The cheque issued either you can collect over the counter or by postal to your designated address in the form. 


Does TTC provide transport from schools to Centre? 
Yes. Only for SMK Assunta, Taman Petaling, Sultan Abdul Samad and La Salle @ 1-3pm. USJ Area house to USJ centre @ Evening. Kindly register your children at our centre’s reception counter.

How much do I need to pay for transport?
No. From school to centre transportation is free because it’s on a batch basis.
Yes. If from house to centre, it is RM1-2/ one way. Depending on distance.

When to pay the transportation charges?
It’s on a prepaid basis. Before the 2nd week of each TTC Calendar month. No refund allowed if transportation missed.

CONTACT OUR Friendly Customer Service Consultant @ 012-6868228 (Lim) /
012-8866787 (Koh) / 016-6512030 (Lim)