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TTC 2017 Timetable ( 2 Jan 2017 - 5 Nov 2017 ) 2017年 补习中心时间表 (中小学)

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Happy New Year 2017 !!

Greetings from TTC and wish every reader have a prosperous year ahead!

Primary School Tuition is only available in USJ 9, SS19 and KL Sri Petaling branch

Secondary School Tuition will be available in Jalan Gasing HQ, PJ Old Town, USJ 9, Sri Petaling and Puchong Jaya.

Frequent Asked Question ( Click The Link if you need further assistance )

Primary School Tuition Timetable (SJKC Only)
SUBANG USJ 9 ( STANDARD 3 - 6)(click the picture to enlarge 请点击图案以放大图案)


SUBANG JAYA SS19 ( STANDARD 2 - 4 )(click the picture to enlarge 请点击图案以放大图案)


Secondary School Tuition Timetable


Form 1 
(click the picture to enlarge 请点击图案以放大图案)

                                                               PJ Gasing

PJ Oldtown 

Subang USJ9

KL Sri Petaling

Form 2(click the picture to enlarge 请点击图案以放大图案)
PJ Gasing

PJ Oldtown 

Subang USJ9

KL Puchong Jaya

Form 3(click the picture to enlarge 请点击图案以放大图案)
PJ Gasing

PJ Oldtown 

Subang USJ9

KL Sri Petaling


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FAQ - Frequent Asked Question 2017 Version 2.3 ( Updated 18 Dec2015) 常问问题 2017

FAQ - Fees, Class, Tutor, Transport, Student Progress
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Award Ceremony 2015 !

Free First Term Exam Seminar 2015!

Top SPM 2014 Achievers, March 2015.
Class Environment

Where is the location of TTC Branches? 中心位置 (请按链接)

Location of Centres :- 
PJ Jalan Gasing :
PJ Old Town/ Jalan Othman:
Subang Jaya USJ 9:
Subang Jaya SS19:
KL Sri Petaling:
KL Puchong Jaya :
PJ Jalan Gasing : 111A,113A,115,117A,119A, 127A, JALAN GASING, SECTION 10, 46000 PETALING JAYA 
PJ Old Town/ Jalan Othman: 94A, 94B, JALAN OTHMAN 1/14, 46000 PETALING JAYA
Subang Jaya USJ 9:  49, 49-1,49-2, 49-3, 51-1,51-2,51-3, JALAN USJ 9/5S, 47610 SUBANG JAYA
Subang Jaya SS19: 59, JALAN SS19/6, 47500 SUBANG JAYA
KL Sri Petaling: 31-1,31-2,33, 33-1,33-2, JALAN RADIN ANUM 1, BANDAR BARU SRI PETALING, 57000 KUALA LUMPUR

How many classes in a week for a subject? 一科一星期补几次?
Each subject – One class weekly.

TTC One (1) Hour class per subject in a week sufficient for students to improve their results? 名师教育1小时1班的课程足以让学生成长进步?
We limit the tuition hour at 1 hour per subject is to avoid taking up too much time off students private & rest time. Proven results improvement since 2001, 1 hour class sufficient to deliver a powerful growth stimulating class. Extra classes will be arrange if students need it. Modern students prefer short but effective class rather than long but ineffective ones. Students concentration peaked at 1 hour and reduce gradually to not concentrating at 1 1/2 hour. Any class beyond 1 1/2 hours basically students are not able to absorb based on TTC Intensive Teaching Method.

We can deliver the change & growth in 1 hour, why need to drag the class to 2 hours so to charge parent more and cause students to lose precious private activity time? 


名师教育采用,快。准。狠 绩效补习制。严厉防止学生白白浪费宝贵课上时间。头15分钟将宝贵重点知识传达,后30分钟重点练习,最后15分钟重点总结。放课,回家休息与家人度过美好家庭时光。
名师教育自2001年以来,成功以此方法塑造了超过30,000 卓越成绩的学生。80%学生成功大学毕业,荣获学士学位。超过100名成功毕业与世界首50知名大学!

How many students in a class? 班级人数极限
Class design to allow a maximum of 12 students per primary school class and 30 students per secondary school class. Our tutors are seminar speaker, they can easily handle over 120-200 students crowd and still deliver a pounding, powerful and effective presentation.



Why is there a student limit for each class?
This is to ensure that our tutor would be able to consistently take care of every student in the class.

What if the class that I want reaches the student limit?
Once the class reaches the limit, our system would be unable to register additional students for the class. We do suggest that you choose another class. However, in the meantime, you can register your interest for the class you want. If and when the class is available in future, we will inform you.

What is “Tutorial-Class”?
It’s a class designed to give extra practices for students to better cope with the current tuition class syllabus. Designed for students who want more practices and guidance. The class will be conducted by junior tutors and it’s closely monitored by our Professional Tutor. The classes will be carried out bi-weekly.

Can students come for more than 1 class if they cannot understand/focus in the class due to various reasons e.g menstrual, health related, peers and etc?
Yes. They can come for another class, same subject within the same week. Subject to availability of the class and an additional class charge of RM 10/Class.

Is the class still on during public holiday?
Yes. Except major holidays such as Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali. (TTC is closed)(Notice will be given.)

Is the timetable remain constant throughout the year?
Yes. Minor changes might occur. Sufficient notice will be given. (SMS, Classroom, Front desk, Main door entrance notice boards, Tutors announcement in class and website ( ) 

What to do if my child is going to be absent?
He/She can temporarily replace that week’s class in other alternative classes in the same week. Same syllabus throughout the week.

 (E.g : I can’t attend Monday class, I can temporarily attend Saturday class for replacement. )

Why there is two color in your timetable?
Red color will be classes conducted in English and Black color will be classes conducted in Mandarin. Our centre mainly offer classes conducted in English & Mandarin cater for students' needs. Mandarin classes, explanation in mandarin but answering technique will based on the original subject language, BM/ENGLISH.

Students Progress

How you evaluate students’ progress?
TTC will have End Class Test and Progress Test to evaluate students accordingly. TTC Internal Exam is held 2 times annually.

Does TTC provide any homework for students?
Depending on each subject tutor. Certain subjects will require homework for knowledge fortification.

What if my child misses the Internal Exam?
She/he will be required to retake the exam.

Will parents receive notification/information of tests results?
Yes. Parents would either receive a postal / SMS notification of children’s results.

Can I check my children’s attendance?
You can check attendance via branches phone number / front desk.

PJ Jalan Gasing : 03-58795049/03-79588568
PJ Old Town/ Jalan Othman: 018-6263818
Subang Jaya USJ 9: 03-58796555
Subang Jaya SS19: 018-6263819
KL Sri Petaling: 03-95455900
KL Puchong Jaya : 03-80761682

How can I know my children progress?
You can view their end class test results and internal exam results online as per the attendance report.
You will need to subscribe for access to the service.


What are your tutor qualifications?
Differs depending on tutor. Diploma, Bachelors and Masters is common qualification possessed by tutors in TTC.

Does your tutor have experience in educating students?
Professional tutors will have 4-13 years experience. Experienced in giving seminars and exam techniques all for 10-15 secondary schools students. Each seminar ranging students number 120-200. Highly experienced, with leadership quality plus very influential and inspiring leader in this tutoring field.

What is a professional tutor?
They are experienced tutors with years of PT3 and SPM seminar speaker experience.
They are different because :
a) Strong prediction for PT3 and SPM. Proven track record.
b) Mastered the latest marking scheme. PT3 and SPM answering technique. 
C) Deliver presentations using sophisticated crystal clear methods without causing confusion 
d) Established knowledge over popular topics which helps students to focus.
e) Unique techniques for scoring in exam, enable students to deliver outstanding answer.
f) Highly aware of student's common mistake in exams.

Passionate Tutors?

They are dedicated and responsible. They teach with heart and highly dependable as a class leader. Although they are highly skilled & influential, they are humble and act modestly towards helping their juniors to achieve goals in life. Score in exam, be a humble person


What other charges would I need to pay before starting class?
For new students, you must pay tuition fees, registration fees (RM 20) and Deposit (RM50) (Refundable) before entering your first class.

I have to pay GST for tuition fees at TTC ?

Yes. We are a centre with annual revenue more than RM300,000, we are subject to GST. 6 % Goods & Services Tax is applicable at TTC as TTC is a registered GST Entity. But the 6% only will be taxable on Tuition Fees & Registration Fees. Deposit no GST. Transportation fees/charges is inclusive of 6% GST to ease the collection process.

If my children newly join TTC at the middle of the month, do I need to pay for full months fees? 
No. For new students registration, fees will be pro-rated into weeks. If student coming in for 2 weeks, just need to pay half a month tuition fees. Current month notes and material will be additional printed for your children with no extra charge. ( 1 month = 4 weeks )

Do I have to pay extra for notes, practices and printed materials? 
No. The monthly tuition fee is inclusive of notes & printed materials. If there are special requests from students for previous month’s notes or replacement of missing notes, charges may be levied upon students (RM15 per month per subject)

When to pay the monthly tuition fees?
During first two weeks of each TTC Calendar month.

What if my children miss tuition classes, can they refund partial tuition fees?
No. Notes and class allocated is on a monthly basis. No partial/pro-rate refund is allowed under any circumstances.

Can I pay using debit/credit card? 
Yes. We ACCEPT credit card payment of VISA, MASTER. Subject to a Bank Fee of 1.5% of the fees payment for both debit & credit card transaction. To avoid the surcharge, you can either make payment in cash or cheque to “ PUSAT TUISYEN TUTOR TUTOR CEMERLANG”. 

Can my children continue attending class if I didn’t pay on time? 
No. Your children will be barred from entering class from the 3rd week of each TTC Calendar month if he/she fails to pay on time. A RM10 administration charge will be imposed on tuition fees paid after the 2nd week of each TTC Calendar month.

How can I refund deposit if I stopped permanently/graduate form 5? 
You can submit a deposit refund form and must attach with original deposit payment receipt. Allow us 7-14 days of processing. The cheque issued either you can collect over the counter or by postal to your designated address in the form. 


Does TTC provide transport from schools to Centre? 
Yes. Only for SMK Assunta, Taman Petaling, Sultan Abdul Samad, SMK Bukit Bintang and La Salle @ 1-3pm. USJ Area house to USJ centre @ Evening. Kindly register your children transport at our centre’s reception counter.

How much do I need to pay for transport?
No. From school to centre transportation is free because it’s on a batch basis.
Yes. If from house to centre, it is RM 2-4 / one way. Depending on distance.

When to pay the transportation charges?
It’s on a prepaid basis. Before the 2nd week of each TTC Calendar month. No refund allowed if transportation missed.

PJ Jalan Gasing : 03-58795049 / 03-79588568 / 0122868559
PJ Old Town/ Jalan Othman: 018-6263818 / 0122868967
Subang Jaya USJ 9: 03-58796555 / 0129286858
Subang Jaya SS19: 012-2296195 / 0122170884
KL Sri Petaling: 03-95455900 / 0122868297
KL Puchong Jaya : 0122868905

PLEASE CONTACT OUR Friendly Customer Service Consultant @ 012-6868228 (Lim) /
012-8866787 (Koh) / 016-6512030 (Lim)

TTC OPERATING CALENDAR 2017 名师教育运作日历 2017(中心假期表)

Centre Numbers 

PJ Jalan Gasing : 03-58795049 / 03-79588568 / 0122868559
PJ Old Town/ Jalan Othman: 018-6263818 / 0122868967
Subang Jaya USJ 9: 03-58796555 / 0129286858
Subang Jaya SS19: 012-2296195 / 0122170884
KL Sri Petaling: 03-95455900 / 0122868297
KL Puchong Jaya :  0122868905

Monday, July 1, 2013

Unique Secondary School Tuition at Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya & Subang Jaya. 独特中学补习中心,位于吉隆坡,八打灵再也 和 梳邦再也。


TTC Lobby Area (Year 2007 )
TTC's vision is to provide great tuition and education services to our nation's next generation of leaders. We are consistently improve our service, system & environment to serve our stakeholders better ( Students, Tutors, & Parents )

 TTC's solid value rest upon two word, Love &Care. We love & care for our students & tutors. They're our best friends or even our own siblings &bless them with lots of undeserved favors & help. ( Extra classes, personal guidance, personal caring moments & motivation talks )

We also provide common study area &sometimes vacant classroom for students who want to do self studies. We provide free photostat of printed material for them to do at TTC centers.

Besides that, we help students to form studies group if they need one. All studies group formed will be closely monitored &provide guidance which help them to form their mission and bind all members to TTC Team's Code Of Honour :-
1. Mission First 2. Teammate Second 3. Always self is last.

It's our mission, Help students, tutors & ourselves to realize full potential in achieving greatness in life.

TTC Lecture Hall ( 2008)
We have visual aids to improve their performance and grab their attention in class.

We have been running tuition centers for more than 15 years and we've improve consistently.

TTC Tutor guiding students in their studies during free time
We provide personal help to student who needs help, regardless of whether it's in our job description. We lead not because of the title, we lead for who we are. We are TTC Tutors, Seniors & Alumni. We're here to serve & guide them to resolve problems.

We empathize what have happened to students in the past & give personal guidance to students with passion. Hope to inspire them to take action steps to change & improve their current situation and performance both in personal life, school exams and school societies.